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 Post subject: DIDDYKONG 2.11.2016
PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 5:07 am 
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[ajmaudio] anyone watching gold lately?

[Angel4444] ajmaudio yes!

[Rebel Girl] ajmaudio O yeah!!

[Angel4444] Good day today for gold!

[flgirl] ajmaudio yes

[ajmaudio] wish I had bought more the other day...

[Rebel Girl] ajmaudio Yes!

[MotoXR] Angel4444 what was it at today?

[ajmaudio] hoping it will come back down a tad

[DiddyKong] ajmaudio it'll take a bit, but it'll get a whole lot better for gold and silver

[ajmaudio] DiddyKong... I hope so... everything is so corrupt how can you ever hope to predict right?

[Rebel Girl] DiddyKong Yes it will!! Going to get better for sure!!

[ajmaudio] it SHOULD.. but hey

[MoravianWilkes ] The news about the world wide economy is bad.

[MotoXR] what was the price of AG today?


[ajmaudio] in the back of my mind I wonder what the PTB have up their sleeve

[ajmaudio] 1235 right now

[MoravianWilkes ] Three guesses and the first 2 don't count.

[DiddyKong] ajmaudio by looking at the bond market, decline in the stock market, demand for gold, what the FED has been saying (negative intererst rates), what other nations are doing to further negative interest rates (specifically the EU), top economist promoting going cashless to prevent bank runs, and the escalations in Syria with Saudi Arabia

[MotoXR] ajmaudio wow was around 1120 wasn't it

[ajmaudio] DiddyKong I certainly get it.. I have seen all of that as well... I just know how ridiculous the system is... if they have proven anything they have proven they dont play by the rules lol

[ajmaudio] the fact that they have made it work this long is something in and of itself lololol

[DiddyKong] ajmaudio I would say that they "do" play by the rules. I think that is also part of the problem. A lot of people tend to look at the rules, laws, and regulations and have expectations for the PTB to follow those. The thing is that we need to be in a mindset of finding loopholes in those rules while abiding by them

[ajmaudio] how high do you think gold will really go ?

[DiddyKong] ajmaudio at least 3K

[Angel4444] MotorXR Not sure of prices but precious metal gold GLD & IAU up over 4.5% today and major mining ETF's GDX and GDXJ up 7.7% and 9.7% respectively according to Zacks

[ajmaudio] diddykong mind letting me know what makes you think that number?

[MoravianWilkes ] Cashless means you can't get your money, only transfer. You are still unable to get your money.

[DiddyKong] MoravianWilkes correct. One of my theories is that people have this fear that the government will try to confiscate their gold like they did decades ago. I actually think that they will use negative interest rates as a vehicle to inhibit people from buying a lot of gold and as you said, withdrawing their money from the banks

[DiddyKong] ajmaudio because of what the "GCR" means to me, and that is a large repayment/settlement of debt. A Debt Jubilee

[MotoXR] DiddyKong to confiscate they must first find ;)

[ajmaudio] diddykong I see. is the "GCR" still in play really? I was kind of under the impression we hosed that all up lol

[DiddyKong] MotoXR i think confiscation is out of the question. I think it is more deter (hence the decline in gold and silver prices in the past) and hinder people from buying a lot of gold with negative interest

[MotoXR] DiddyKong That makes full sense

[ajmaudio] how soon till negative rates?

[DiddyKong] ajmaudio I believe that a GCR is guaranteed. The current world financial system is no longer sustainable, hence the negative interest rates and declining economies. So a reset will be required to at least reduce debt

[DiddyKong] ajmaudio the Fed is considering it, but haven't decided if they will actually implement it. They are seriously kicking the can to see how things play out since Japan went negative and the EU is further going negative

[ajmaudio] diddyKong interesting... sounds like a lot of cooperation lol... which us peoples arent good at... our own country proves well. Have they started talking about negative rates here yet? government peeps I mean?

[ajmaudio] negative rates... seems surreal doesnt it

[ajmaudio] start burying cash in the yard folks

[PollyP] DiddyKong, global depression or just US?

[DiddyKong] PollyP global.... well, really depends on what China decides to do with regards to announcing their gold holdings. I believe we are in a bit of a race between the West and the East to see who can get prepared faster to launch a reset.

[DiddyKong] ajmaudio the Fed here, yes. They are talking about it

[ajmaudio] diddykong thats interesting.. mind expounding on the race?

[MotoXR] DiddyKong Not betting on us, always the last to see what happens to everyone else, They think they are invincible egos ....

[PollyP] DiddyKong, is there a benefit to the first launcher?

[DiddyKong] PollyP I think regardless who launches first, there will be a lot of economical pain before we actually see some kind of real recovery.

[DiddyKong] ajmaudio well you have China still gathering as much gold as possible and yet, you have the US and EU trying to boost their economies. Rather thats propaganda regarding a "recovery" to get people to spend money or negative interest rates to take money away from spenders

[ajmaudio] do they think neg rates or propaganda is actually as good as fixing stuff? Lolol

[ajmaudio] I dont think the US will do anything to start recovery at all... not with our track record

[ajmaudio] I am not sure what they think they are going to do but I would love to know

[DiddyKong] ajmaudio no lol. Its more of biding time. Like I said, the Fed and the West as a whole is buying time. As stocks go down, the PTB are able to buy up a whole bunch of stuff at steal prices. Once they had their fill and profits are non existent, then that is when I believe the West will want to pull the trigger on a reset

[PollyP] DiddyKong, do you have an opinion on how long the worst of it will be and what "worst" looks like?

[DiddyKong] Where China is gather up as much gold as possible before announcing their holding, then that would cause a reset

[DiddyKong] thats the race

[ajmaudio] hmmmmm interesting

[Hurry Up and Wait] DiddyKong You bring a great perspective to JPs Place. Thank You. I remember a lot of good info you have brought here in the past

[ajmaudio] and what does the reset look like in your mind?

[MotoXR] DiddyKong China will be way ahead in that game imo

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