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 Post subject: MARKZ POST 1/20/2015
PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 12:44 am 
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"Inflation Made Simple" By MarkZ at Dinar Insider


For those that have read Adam Smith the basics of inflation should be fairly simple to understand. I have had some spirited debates with economists that have a need to overthink and analyze inflation to somehow justify years of education perhaps.

A fiat system is a form of slavery that requires constant borrowing to maintain itself, think of it like the greatest Ponzi scheme of all time.

The folks at the bottom borrow to maintain a lifestyle that is marketed to us and we are “told” we deserve a new car or a house that is actually more than we need so we borrow, the more we borrow the better the economy does but the worse we do individually. did a really solid job on a documentary called End of the Road-How Money Became Worthless. You can find it online for a small fee or the documentary channel runs it fairly often, check their listings.
I can not emphasize enough how it should be required viewing for every American, banker, politician or heck, every human being alive.

The film does a great job in explaining how the fed works by printing new money for us to borrow, writes fictitious loan agreements for the paper money, sells it to other governments or investors who buy it to make “interest” on it as treasury bonds and shows a profit on paper they printed for nothing as loans they created out of thin air and then sold to investors.

ZERO goods or REAL assets were ever created in this process, just numbers on a spreadsheet.

Now how does inflation figure into this equation of “trillions idiot math” you ask? Simple, inflation is the market attempting to correct itself. A.K.A “The invisible hand”.

Our economy has a fixed number of goods in it, so when we print more money than we produce goods, inflation happens.

It is compounded by our debt based fiat system because our dollar is not tied to a REAL asset, it is tied to a magic one the fed had treasury print on demand and traded a bogus legal looking loan agreement for.

Now inflation can occur in an asset based system if too much money is printed based on the assets the country holds as collateral for said monies but it is much more difficult for that to happen and is much easier to correct.

You simply pull money out of the system by replacing worn bills early or buying more assets with the over printed money to shore up the currency.

So, to make a VERY long story short and to over simplify it, inflation is the result of loose bankers and politicians trying to keep you shackled to a debt based form of slavery, it is NO different than chaining people up to work for them.

The only difference is the marketing, they give us cool ads, sporting events, cable TV, an occasional vacation and we go off to the fields to work for our ‘masters’, creating untold wealth for them that they hold in real assets while keeping us in bondage with fiat money.

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